Treasure hunt games to for

treasure hunt games to for

After the game is over, they can get some food, water, and sunblock before hitting the next 4-5 clues.
For the older crowd, you can up the ante by using vintage photos, satellite shots, or extreme close-ups for a more difficult hunt.
The treasure doesn't have to be a thing.
Of course, there is also nothing wrong with a classic treasure hunt with clues and maps, either!Some things to consider include: Any places that are off-limits, or places that definitely have no clues.Another variation: Create two sets of clues, one for each team.Warnings If necessary, always consult the owner of the location in which you are doing the treasure hunt.Then, at each smaller clue, you give out a puzzle piece, which build up to reveal one last clue or secret.Other ideas include: Giving out letters at each clue as part of a word scramble.Pass out the rules at the beginning, and tell the kids to hold onto them if they are old enough to read and use.Depending on where you are, kids will probably need to be supervised during a treasure hunt.This activity doesn't necessarily have to be for party guests, but also for a family.g.If they are younger, share this with a few parents and chaperones and have them help enforce.2 6, cli windows installer package when writing clues, work backwards from your final treasure.Each clue needs to lead to the next one, so figure out how to write a clue for your location, then hide it and repeat.Draw or take photos of places they should investigate, figuring out where the actual location.Let the kids know at the beginning where to find you or other parents.Anything that makes them move and try out different things will be a blast.