Sins of a solar empire patch 1.32

sins of a solar empire patch 1.32

Corrected the Advent Wormhole Travel research time to match its tier.
Modding, edit, added a new AIAutocastUseTargetCondition HasNoWeapons, hooked up the min/max pirate supply numbers in nstants.Please note save games and replays from prior versions will not load.Release History, synopsis.This mod is based on the Various Stargate Franchises for Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment.051 Diplomacy.21 Alpha.3 For Entrenchment Released.Ironclad/Stardock have provided the Forge Tools, of which the Galaxy Forge, Particle pdf english speaking books Forge, convertXSI, the.Corrected TEC Siege Frigate research time to match its tier.Players will now be able to offer the AI resource missions as soon as they've researched the required tech.Updated the Shield Pact to grant 15 to max shield triple x mission game points and 15 phase missile block (from 10).Sins of a Solar Empire.195, Entrenchment.055, Trinity/Diplomacy.37.General, reduced the AI Relationship bonus growth rate for Unfair, Cruel and Vicious AI types.Players will now automatically break Pacts when they die.Removed a dead entity in the entity manifest.The game will now cache rolls for player missions so that the AI no longer randomly decides to reject missions part way.Switched the TEC planetary shield buff priority to keep it from creating non-stop entity counts.Corrected TEC Wormhole Travel research time to match its tier.The tutorials in them are still mostly accurate but some things have changed, so you're better of using modder created ones.This patch includes a number of bug fixes and balance improvements reported by the community.
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Credits: Stargate Invasion Mod Team, looking for a copy of Sins of a Solar Empire?