Saskatchewan occupational health and safety regulations 2012

saskatchewan occupational health and safety regulations 2012

The scope of employer and supervisor obligations has been significantly increased, and companies with operations in Saskatchewan are advised to consider whether their operations are compliant with these new and increased obligations.
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(2) Where an edge of the work platform is adjacent to a hack para grand chase chaos auto kill structure that provides protection equivalent to guardrails, guardrails may be omitted on that edge and there may be an open space of up to 30 centimetres between the work platform and the structure.Back to Top Warning devices 214.Back to Top Temporary support 382.A worker shall not remain within range of the swing of the load or equipment where the swing movement of the load, cab, counterweight or another part of the crane or hoist creates a hazard and the operator shall not move the equipment when.Back to Top Process producing flammable mixture 580.(3) Before commencing work, a worker working on the locked out components shall apply a personal lock to the key securing system referred to in paragraph (2 b).(2) A chain saw shall have a chain brake that activates automatically upon kickback regardless of the position of the power head or operator's hands.(4) Safeguards specified in an assurance under subsection (1) shall be in place before work commences and shall be effectively maintained while work is taking place.(4) Explosives shall not be stored within 60 metres of (a) a hoistroom; (b) a shaft station; (c) a refuge station; (d) a transformer station; (e) a fuel storage area; (f) a garage or shop; (g) an access ramp; or (h) where a vehicle may.(11) A ventilation system used to control airborne contaminants shall have electrical and mechanical systems designed to control all potential ignition sources and meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code.(2) An entry referred to in subsection (1) shall be signed micromax bolt a46 games by the worker making the examination or report.(4) When a tunnel is used under a stockpile for the purpose of reclaiming material from the stockpile, at triple x mission game least 2 exits shall be provided from the tunnel.(2) A headlight and backing light required by paragraph (1 a) shall meet the requirements of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE ) J1029 MAR 86 "Lighting and Marking of Construction and Industrial Machinery".(1) Floors, platforms and decks of wharves and floating equipment shall be kept in good repair and free from hazards.Back to Top Wire rope suspension 232.
(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1 a in the absence of an approval required by that paragraph, ventilation shall be maintained at 144.8 CFM per BHP.
(2) Bifocal and trifocal glass lenses shall not be used where there is a danger of impact unless the lenses are worn behind impact-rated goggles or other eye protection acceptable to the minister.