Red giant primatte keyer

red giant primatte keyer

PC / Windows, windows XP SP1 or later, windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit.
Get high quality keys for any color background with new features like Hybrid alongside dependable tools like Alpha Control.
Primatte's Cleanup the plot against america pdf tools help make it look solid without much additional effort.Convincingly place people, products, or cinematic elements into any background.Zip-.0 M Unicode: * /.What's New, new Host Apps: Primatte Keyer is now compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion.Enhance DV and HD footage, smooth out the matte edges with Deartifacting tools that treat all source footage from DV or HD cameras.Primatte corrects difficult spill situations like semi-transparent areas, edge game underground 2 rip fringe and motion blur, and has built-in spill suppression to prevent it from happening at all.Each purchase and serial number allows the owner to use the product on more than one host application but only on a single computer at any one time.Although many of our products will run on older or less-powerful systems, those listed below are the minimum system requirements which we support.Primatte Keyer's user interface makes it easy to select your background and foreground, and to separate them out for a great key.Primattes de-artifacting removes blockiness and artifacts around the foreground edges caused by compression algorithms in the source format.Two new View modes help visualize your composite while building.Speaking of Auto Compute, that incredible tool is now a button that is centrally located guilty crown lost christmas pc game demo and easy to access.In every chromakey situation, Primatte tackles keying challenges like uneven lighting, compression artifacts, grainy clips, screen seams, subtle shadows and edge light contamination.The new Hybrid controls help fill the transparency gaps in your foreground matte, making a cleaner key.
Primatte's spill killer tools remove any of the stubborn green and blue spill not removed in a key.