Patch 2 beta rome 2

patch 2 beta rome 2

Two pieces of advice from the asp net web developer guide Battlefield Advisor relating to flanking were mixed up in honestech vhs to dvd 2.0 user manual Italian and Spanish.
Experience level thresholds have been increased for units.
Further improvements planned for subsequent patches.
More detailed descriptions added to the tooltips for the "Occupy, Loot and Raze" buttons after successfully capturing a settlement on the Campaign map.Fixed some missing text on the Diplomacy screen in Campaign modes.Fixed a bug preventing the player from progressing in The Invasion of Samnium prologue chapter, if they had spent all of their funds before being instructed to recruit a General (and therefore having no funds to do so).For example, units that are visible at range could look like they were hidden on their user interface, when they could be seen.When the host leaves the team lobby in Quick Battle multiplayer mode, a new host is found.Fixed rare battlefield loading lockup.Fix for "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" achievement failing to unlock when its requirements were met in some situations.Fixed the tooltip displayed when placing the mouse over the garrison in enemy settlements, while the settlement is under siege.This has been fixed.In Multiplayer battles, a player who has conceded defeat will now turn into a spectator.Swapped Formidable Swordsmen army tradition for the Ardiaei to Formidable Spearmen, and Light Cavalry Masters for Cavalry Masters.Fix for some units being put into incorrect unit windows 7 manager serial keygen sets which prevented them from getting various bonuses (Illyrian Noble Hoplites not getting spearmen related bonuses for example).
Fix for lock-ups reported on loading into battle in DirectX9.
Improved compatibility for graphics cards with multiple GPUs.