Oculus rift game of thrones

oculus rift game of thrones

Game of Thrones Facebook page and will be coming to Samsung Gear VR and.
It felt that real.
Facebook page of the opening animated credit sequence, which pans the realms of Westeros from Kings Landing to Dorne.Within three hours, the GoT 360-degree video had racked up more than.7 million views.On the one hand, "Ascend the Wall" is sort of a curious use for the kit."But there were also some constraints.All 700 ft.The experience crafted by HBO is really cool, and there's a fair bit we can learn about the uses for VR and Oculus.But as much as I diary of a wimpy kid ebook understood, intellectually, that the simulation was entirely fabricated, every reaction in my body and my brain told me I was in real danger, and I had to act.And thanks to Oculus Rift, I just experienced a brief slice of life in the Seven Kingdoms.And it's worth noting that the visual authenticity of what I was looking at wasn't as important as the continuityas long as the image didn't glitch up, I was immersed.TWC expects some 25,000 of its customers to attendand if you didn't rsvp yet, it's hella sold out so forget about.HBO vorton financial power tools worked with Facebook, Oculus and Elastic, the design studio behind the opening title sequence, to produce the two-and-a-half-minute video.At several points during the roughly two-minute ride, I couldn't help but reach out and grab the bars of the cage for security.A nightmare come true.You know, this massive thing: The overall experience is super immersive, even if there's not a lot you can really.
Ascend the wall VR experience utilizes Oculus Rift VR headsets, the Unity game engine, Oscar winning VFX pipelines, wind machines, real elevators and rumble packs.
You can look around in every direction, and as the lift gets further and further off the ground, my fear of heights kicked in, and I had to stop internet connection wizard windows 7 looking down.