Objective c interview questions and answers pdf

objective c interview questions and answers pdf

listing every class they took in college, every position they have ever held (and that really adds up for the Senior Level Engineers) minecraft tower defence game and every responsibility (which often times happen to be the same across 2 or 3 companies that particular person has worked.
Let's say there is a property name on a class: @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *name; We can access it using KVC: NSString *n object valueForKey name" And we can modify it's value by sending it the message: object setValue Mary" forKey name" Question 12 What.
Storyboards and Xib files can also suffer from duplication and become difficult to update.However, an app that requests extra execution time may remain in this state for a period of time.Hence in some situations nonatomic is used to provide faster access to a property, but there is a chance of a race condition causing the property to be nil under rare circumstances (when a value is being set from another thread and the old value.29- What is Observer Pattern?Storyboard's are also great at representing a flow through an application and allowing a high-level visualization of an entire fatima gul episode 3 application.This is only apply property.46- Readers-Writers Multiple threads reading at the same time while action adventure games full version there should be only one thread writing.We create your objects and then serialized them to disk.Copy means the object will be cloned with duplicate values.The keychain is one option for storing data securely.Which is the super class of all view controller objects?But Swift does not default to dynamic dispatch 13- Whats Code Coverage?The very basic higher order function is a filter.Two is one and one is none lets go through another quick refresher to help you ace that iOS interview.You get the idea Additional bonus?Atomic and non-atomic refers to whether the setters/getters for a property will atomically read and write values to the property.14- Whats Completion Handler?40- Explain lazy in Swift?Who calls the main function of you app during the app launch cycle?_Constraint_s include: setting the horizontal/vertical distance between 2 views setting the height/width to be a ratio relative to a different view a width/height/spacing can be an explicit static value Sometimes constraints conflict with each other.There's no right or wrong answer to this, but it's great way of seeing if you understand the benefits and challenges with each approach.