Netgear wndr3400v2 firmware version

netgear wndr3400v2 firmware version

to BCM5358U J41 ( ) (Rx) ( ) ( ) (Tx) ( GND ) Bootlogs OEM bootlog Telnet output with netgear fw v_1.0.34 orig.
Fw telnet /proc/cpuinfo system type : Broadcom BCM5357 chip rev 2 processor : 0 cpu model : mips 74K.9 Bogomips : 264.60 wait instruction : no microsecond timers : yes tlb_entries : 64 extra interrupt vector : no hardware watchpoint : yes ASEs implemented.
This is an update to my previous post.B43 : 2 wireless radios detected, both radios don't work (no scanning) (as of trunk r37307) broadcom-wl : 1 wireless radio detected, 802.11n works, AP Mode works (as of trunk Feb-2013) brcmsmac: 2 wireless radios detected, both work with N speed, AP Mode on bgn.6 Synthesized TLB refill handler (20 instructions).4 u32 classifier 6 TCP cubic registered 6 NET: Registered protocol family 1 6 NET: Registered protocol family 10 6 6wind/lsiit IPv6 multicast forwarding.1 undercover boss fake 2013 plus PIM-SM/SSM with *BSD API printmaster 2012 platinum reviews 6 lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions 6 IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver 6 sit0: Disabled Privacy.Fw active skills reading book 1 telnet /proc/meminfo cat meminfo MemTotal: 61416 kB MemFree: 33016 kB Buffers: 2972 kB Cached: 9952 kB SwapCached: 0 kB Active: 8884 kB Inactive: 8440 kB SwapTotal: 0 kB SwapFree: 0 kB Dirty: 0 kB Writeback: 0 kB AnonPages: 4412 kB Mapped: 2000 kB Slab.Ipv6_pppoe_username pptp_serv_ip http_rmenable0 dome_led_statusON wlg_temp_key2 wlan_acl_dev48 pppoe_tmp_servicename os_dateAug 26 2011 wla_wps_tmp_lock_flag0 wl1_radio_pwrsave_level0 wlg_temp_key3 wlan_acl_dev49 boardpwrctl0xc00 sb/1/regrev20 wl0_wme_txp_bk pci/1/1/ofdm5gpo00x0000 wlg_temp_key4 http_lanport80 sb/1/ag00x2 pci/1/1/ofdm5gpo10x2000 pci/1/1/pdetrange5g4 wl_wme_sta_vo off off wl_plcphdrlong sb/1/ag10x2 0:itt5ga00x3e 0:rxchain0x3 wifi_2g_sche_num0 wl1.1_bss_enabled0 wan_hwaddr274:44:01:37:C6:6A wl_mimo_preamble wl_macmodedisabled lan1_wins sb/1/ag20x2 0:itt5ga10x3e wl1_wme_ap_be off off wl_wme_ap_bk off off wlan_acl_dev0.From: Dave, sent: â7/â13/â2014 9:54 PM, to: Josh Houghtelin.Total pages: 16256 5 Kernel command line: root/dev/mtdblock2 consolettyS0,115200 init/sbin/preinit 4 Primary instruction cache 32kB, physically tagged, 4-way, linesize 32 bytes.Wan_hwaddr74:44:01:37:C6:6A wl1_rxstreams0 wl0.11_hwaddr76:44:01:37:C6:64 wl_wps_5g_config_state0 wl1_reg_modeoff wl1_akmpsk2 lan_ifnamesvlan1 eth1 eth2 pppoe2_filter_rule_tbl pppoe_ifnameppp0 wl1_wme_sta_bk off off wl0_radius_port1812 wl0_wmeon wl0_auth0 usb_wan_ftp_pasv_port_end30050 wps_ifnameall auto_conn_time0 wla_key1 0:boardtype0x0521 wla_secu_type_2None wla_key2 pppoe_policy_num0 wl0_radius_ipaddr wl0_wme_bss_disable0 wl0_rxchain3 wl1_radio1 ipv6_lan_length traffic_restart_ampm0 wlg_wds_enable0 wla_secu_type_3None wla_key3 wl_radio_pwrsave_pps10 wla_secu_type_4None wla_temp_ssid_bc_2 wla_key4 wl0_wme_sta_vi off off wl0.2_maclist RA_MinRtrAdvInterval198 traffic_control_type0 wl_countryGB.You can't flash that firmware back to the device (wrong format).Mount multiple partitions with different filesystems.6 usb 1-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2 6 usb 1-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice 6 usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage 6 USB Mass Storage support registered.Switch, uSB, serial, jTag, fCC, v1, broadcom BCM4718 64MiB 8MiB 4 x 1, bCM5325ekqmg, yes, yes?
Wireless status see below.
Ipv6_domain_name wl_unit0 wla_passphrase_4 wlan_acl_mac35 wl1_maxassoc128 wl0_phytypesn wl1_macmodedisabled ipv6_pppoe_passwd qos_port ddns_last_ip wlan_acl_mac36 0:extpagain2g0x2 wl0_frag2346 wl0_wepdisabled RA_AdvDefaultPreferencelow wan_bpa_maxheartbeat20 wps_sta_pin00000000 wl_nmode_protectionauto wlan_acl_mac37 lan1_protodhcp router_disable0 wl1_phytypen wl0.1_closed0 ddns_username 0:txq_len1024 wla_rts2347 wlan_acl_mac38 wl1_lazywds0 wl1_phytypesn wl0.1_ap_isolate0 ddns_passwd http_rmport8080 wl_radio_pwrsave_enable0 wlan_acl_mac39 pppoe_passwd wl0.4_hwaddr76:44:01:37:C6:6D ParentalControl0 wl1_wme_txp_be wl0_rifs pci/1/1/antswctl2g0 sdram_config0x103 wl0_countryGB wl1.1_closed0 lan_dhcpsv6_pref255 logo_enable0.