Mafia 2 chapter 9 save game

mafia 2 chapter 9 save game

Take the east tec eraser 2010 key car and get to the game ninja school moi nhat destination.
Drive cautiously to follow the car.
Wear the dress and get to the location.
If any made it to the cover on the left, swing around and flank them la storia della arcana famiglia episode 3 to flush them out.You can take the car from the garage.Get inside the bar and speak with eddie.Listen to the conversations.Kill all the men who comes in the cars.Next day morning you are woken up by a call.While hes trying to hack his way into the room, take cover.Get inside the bar and talk to eddie.We are almost at the destination.Shoot them precisly so as to kill them soon.The wall is great cover and the cars provide poor cover for his reinforcements.Joe speaks about the family.The conversations.Once hes down youll see the rest as a cutscene.You control most of the jobs.Go to the end of the way and climb the box.