Gta san andreas superman mod cheats codes

gta san andreas superman mod cheats codes

And now just imagine that there is also a Spiderman cheat code in GTA San Andreas!
Spawn Monster - monstermash, spawn Parachute - aiypwzqp, spawn Quadbike - fourwheelfun.
Commit Suicide - goodbyecruelworld, hitman Rank and Perks in All Weapons - professionalkiller.With the help of ghost adventures season 3 episode 1 this code the player will have not only new Superman clothes but also new superpossibilities.navigate to rockstargta SAN andreasmodels and open the "g" file.Navigate to the rockstargta SAN andreasmodelstxd folder.Playing for Clark Kent if you reduce a health level it will be restored when you will change your clothes into Supermans one again.He can also run fast and lift the car in the air.Max Respect Stat - worshipme, max Sex Appeal Stat - helloladies.Playing for Clark Kent, you will have a superforce but even with this force you can die., but even with this force, the player can die.Highlight all the files in the folder and click "Open.".In order to play the Superman in GTA San Andreas first of all you need to download the Superman mod.Right click and select "Paste" to paste the aforementioned files.Type/enter the code, "bekknqv" to activate the Superman cheat.Click "File" and the "Open." Navigate to rockstargta SAN andreasmodels and open the "g" file.