Gta 2 car mods

gta 2 car mods

Other tutorials Texting Altering text in GTA2 using the GXT-editor.
Easy way to install new cars.Grand Theft Auto series is all about expensive cars, crazy stunts and gang warfare.Zones Description of all available zones.A list ground speed calculator app of all available objects, vehicles, weapons, characters and more.Initially it wasn't meant for public use, it was for personal use for me and my friend only but I decided to share it online to preserve it for the future.Collision info, making walls solid, partially solid or unsolid.Stats, online: 15, mods: 1478, downloads:.330.272, tutorials: 107.Its getting hard to keep this pack through the years so it better be kept here on ModDb Instructions: - download and unrar the pack - copy and paste everything in your GTA2/Data directory - you will notice that you have duplicate file named "E".ALL credits GO TO them!Creating flat and see-through tiles.We've collected range of powerful and stylish GTA SA real cars for you to choose from.This is pack of cars for GTA 2 made by me and one friend of mine back in 2007.You won't have to decode game files or manually alter game textures - these operations would require some special skills and take some tie.