Ff6 the game cheat

ff6 the game cheat

Heroes have new character stats, items stats, and spell stats such that damage, armor, and HP/MP increase in new ways.
There is still one new baby hazel games lore spot being unused for now.
Everything has been changed to fit new damage curves, but the essence of many things are the same.These relics have been removed: Exp.Instead of waiting for the slow bar, the selection bar moves faster and upon selecting your attack you may use other players while Cyan prepares his attack, which takes longer based on the selected SwdTech.No more just holding down a button or casting your best spell.If you need more info than you could possibly want for this version, I have the excel sheet used to create this game, as well as a supplementary documents for easier reading attached.His other attacks are physical.Terras morph is now infinite but she incurs double damage and deals double damage, for physical and magic.Many have new graphics.Almost every lore is unreflectable/unrunicable.Everything is expensive, and money is hard to get.All dance moves are unreflectable/unrunicable.
Shadow will now never leave your party randomly at the end of battle.