Feng shui 2015 for ox

feng shui 2015 for ox

Will I face any health problems this year?
Shopping Cart Mailing List Bestsellers Featured Categories Article Information.If you are Ox born, this is a must-have gem for you to discover the power of Feng Shui combined with astrological readings to make the most out of the year 2015.This will keep your stress level to a minimum.Avoid facing the Southwest 1 direction at all costs, especially if you currently sleep or work in that direction.Bejewelled Wish Fulfilling Wind Horse in their environment to entice the chances of further magnifying the good fortune that is poised to come their way.If you want to change jobs or ask for a transfer within your company, feel determined that you can have success with this venture.Wear a Tigers Eye Wulou Pendant for Health Luck or carry a Medicine Buddha Script Keychain (Golden).Much of this is thanks to the #6 Heavenly Flying Star and its ability to provide heaven luck, mentor or gui ren luck, and an influential person who may take notice of your accomplishments.Rise above instances of harmful gossip or potential backstabbing at work.It's packed with lots of useful tips and information!If on top of all this you are also experiencing an unlucky day when conflicts loom, they could spin out of control unless you turn your back on the hostility before a few angry words could quickly turn into a major argument.You can investigate the energy distribution according to your Bazi reading and feng shui winds (.Display a Wealth Inviting Feng Shui Golden Arowana and carry a 3 Legged Toad with Coins Keychain or God of Wealth Keychain.Place a Inner Celestial Mansion of Avalokiteshvara Mirror or 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque to activate this Star.Flying Star 2015, 24 Mountains Stars, Tai Sui, Three Killings etc.) that will make or break you in your physical and mental well being, business, career and love life for the coming year.Health luck will be strong vpn client uni halle for 18, 66 and 78-year-olds, while 30 and 42-year-olds should be cautious in detecting and treating health issues before they escalate.Will I be lucky in the romance department?Use a Pair of Golden Camel for enhanced business luck.The Ox will benefit from displaying the.Your luck for the year looks very good overall, though there will be a few ups and downs, especially if you engage in arguments, which are partially due to the energy in your 24 Mountains Chart.You will find that tapping into your natural optimism, and overcoming feelings of anger or unworthiness, will help you feel confident and positive, which is crucial to your success in 2015.
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Your Work Luck Work luck and business luck will be fairly strong if you avoid taking major risks, especially because of the confrontation with the Tai Sui.