Endless space disharmony update 1.1.17

endless space disharmony update 1.1.17

It has 300 defense value of deflector (anti kinetic) modules, 600 defense value of shield (anti laser) modules, and 0 defense value of flak (anti-missile) modules.
Spread Fire (The Missile Method edit, each ship targets an enemy ship that has the fewest other ships already targeting.
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Fixed an issue on a diplomatic behaviour: reduces the probability of multiple wars Fixed a bug regarding the Normal Difficulty reported on the forums Fixed an issue where the trade routes incomes were displayed differently in the system screen and in the trade routes panel.(4 starcraft 2, donations so far: 503,45.Entering or leaving an alliance refreshes the system influences.Shield defenses provide an absorption bonus that blocks the first Y damage from laser weapons per round.9 5 comments, do you find you have to squash the Lumeris quickly or they'll reliably win economically?Bombers/Fighters, bombers and fighters are new to Disharmony.The Search for test drive unlimited 2 cheats ps3 money Auriga adds the planet of the update's title.Flak Interception Missile Evasion * (1 Turn before Reach) * Random0;1 2 The chance for a flak module to hit (and destroy) a missile is dependent upon the Evasion Rating of the Missile, the Accuracy of the flak module and the number of rounds remaining.As previously mentioned, a formation defines how your ships are sorted.Kinetics are optimized for Short Range, Lasers for Medium Range, and Missiles for Long Range.Unique planet Option added: Allows you to able / disable creation of unique planet in the galaxy, add an option to keep the rally points always visible.Contents show, like vanilla, there are five phases of combat in Disharmony.
Here is the list of available formations: Protect the damaged ship: ships with the highest Hull Points are on top of the list; Use weak ships as a shield: ships with the least weapons are on top of the list; Defend the fleet: ships with the.