Duplicate file remover 3.2.1241 build 33 portable

duplicate file remover 3.2.1241 build 33 portable

For multimedia files (MP3, OGG/Vorbis, WMA the contents of the following tags can also be analyzed: "Artist "Album "Title" and "Comment".
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You control how exact or loose you want the comparison.And many more situations.Some situations where, duplicate File Remover can help.Identify and recover wasted disk space.The special built-in image browser allows you to view the pictures in the duplicate group side-by-side, for comparison.You can also display image and camera tags such as size, date taken, and colour depth.The file Summary property can also be searched: title, subject, category, and author.This way if you scan an image archive again, or scan it against a new folder, the cached fingerprint will be used.The software can log everything in a text report, and no actions will be performed on your precious data without your knowledge.Czy wiesz, e uywamy cookies (ciasteczek)?Duplicate File Remover will help you reclaim valuable disk space and improve data efficiency.Duplicate File Remover is a powerful tool to locate file duplicates on your computer.It can find duplicates of any files: text, binary, music, video or images.You can order the fully licensed version of Duplicate File Remover over the Internet with any major credit card.Reduce the time and storage space used for backups.This will speed things up by over.Image comparison is fast, but to really speed up repeated scanning Duplicate Cleaner will store 'fingerprints' of your images.
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