Drama korea i miss you episode 8

drama korea i miss you episode 8

Yeo Jin Goo as young Jung Woo (15 years old).
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Jung Woo says she picked a good friend, hes been thinking of what to do with Soo Yeon for the last 14 years.
Not that she needs to, because I dont believe getting over a shared trauma necessitates the participants to go through therapy together.Soo Yeon cant believe he still remembers everything, while Hyung Joon looks concerned.Daftar Pemain Drama I Miss You.Coveting someone elses fiancée is clearly not decent upstanding behavior.Hyung Joon moves to take Zoe away when Jung Woo shows.She pushes him off and says to let go, this joke is too much.Han Jung Woo (Park YooChun) telah menjadi detektif pembunuhan selama 2 tahun dan dia mencari cinta masa kecilnya, Lee Se Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye).Jung Woo asks Ah Reum as a woman to tell him how much Soo Yeon likely must hate him.Details Drama Korea I Miss You.Hyung Joon is on the second floor and notes that they walked in together.If hes still waiting and she doesnt come, that means shes discarded him.Soo Yeon goes home and rushes to Hyung Joons room and finds him resting in bed.Soo Yeon calls Hyung Joon and finds out hes resting in bed because he was injured.He hears the police officers discuss who has reason to hate the rapist and his partner suggests Lee Soo Yeon, who might still be alive.If he says it one more time Jung Woo will arrest him.Jung Woo wants to ask about her missing cellphone when she takes her new one out to snap pictures of the clothes and calls Harry to send him the pictures.Clearly shes still scared of sexual intimacy, but shes already got the emotional intimacy with Hyung Joon to ground her.Jung Woo asks for some time to meet but Hyung Joon says another time since hes getting medical treatment due to his injured leg.Shell do even more outrageous things for him, because he saved her.She tries to pull it back and tells him to let go repeatedly.
Turns out the dry ice used to hurt the rapist was mailed to his house and addressed to him.