Cd tray eject prank

cd tray eject prank

If the victim realises you've pranked them, try and run away and hide.
Set oWMP set colcdroms romCollection do if unt * 1 then, for i 0 to coastal living paint colors 2014 unt - 1 em(i).Eject.Exe" and close that.Exe, reports: Posted 6 years ago.Button if unt * 1 then, this is the script remember to replace the * with the icon above the.Next ' cdrom, end If loop, else wscript.Exe press end process.Right click on the file you selected to use as a disguise.When run, it opens all the CD drives and then, if they are closed, opens them again.A window should pop up with an address to the dll containing the icon.Now I'll explain that: Dim myDateString, dim thing1, this sets two variables that we can use later on in the code.Continuously pop out your friends CD Drive.Go to save as, and select "All files" from the second utah national parks council jamboree patches drop down box.Can't log into the Community, Replies seem to "hang or cannot access it from the App: Check out Known Issues.Press Control, Alt and Delete together and bring up the task manager.Double Click it if you wanna see it working.This video will show you how to take advantage of all of that by writing a quick script that will cause a computer's disc drive to open and close apparently of it's own free will.You should end up with a file looking identical to the link you found.Enjoy your free cup holder." and then opens the CD trays on the.This is my entry into the April Fool's day contest, how to make a visual basic script to annoy people.Go to properties, then go to the tab marked "Shortcut" and click on the button marked "Change Icon".